Welcome to my blog spot !

Good day and welcome to my Blog. My mother would call it my BS....as in Belief System. I'm a blog newbie so please feel free to give me feedback. If you have a related blog, I'd love to hear from you.

On A Natural Mission

Since 1990, I've been on a natural mission to learn about what we've been putting on our bodies. Wow! some real shocking facts that took time to digest and accept. More on that later for anyone interested.

"Experts" say we don't absorb much through the various layers of the skin. Can someone please then explain why the latest way to deliver drugs is transdermally using skin patches? That really made me stop and think. And act.

I personally believe that up until recently we have been content letting society take care of us. That no longer seems to be serving us, so we are opting for a more hands-on proactive approach. We live in a very exciting era of transformation. I think it's going to be more and more fun.

Playing Deaf

I have to admit that before getting into the "natural mission", I virtually ignored most of the message my body was telling me. Yelling at me actually. Looking back now, it seems the dialogue (one way), was always there and often quite specific.

It would say things like "are you completely crazy! Don't take this birth control pill it's REALLY not good for us" and "If we stopped eating now we would feel satisfied and energized but if we keep going, we're going to feel like sh__.

As you may know from personal experience, cumulative ignor-ance usually leads to pressure build-up and inevitable explotion that demands attention. For me that was "quit smoking or you will die cause you can't breath anymore".

I find that the more I do listen, the more I hear. Before working on a new formula, I take the raw ingredients and apply them directly to my skin to see how each one feels. I also do this with competitor products. It's really nifty 'cause you get quite a bit of info that way.

I still play deaf of course, but hopefully not quite as often :)